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While there’s no exact template for success at FGB Consultancy, our people share some qualities that help make us successful–and that make working here fun.

Personal Impact

Developing and implementing sound recommendations requires the involvement and support of many individuals. Skills interacting with people, sometimes in tough situations, are critical to driving distinctive client impact.

Entrepreneurial Drive

We look for people with an entrepreneurial spirit: innovative by nature, always creating new approaches, products, services, and technologies.

Problem Solving Skills

Helping clients solve tough problems and implement solutions requires strong intellectual abilities and rigor as well as a practical sense of what works and what does not.

Leadership Abilities

We seek people who strive to lead themselves, their teams, and their communities, and who can foster effective teamwork to drive results.

  • What is FGB Consultancy overall hiring policy?
    It is FGB Consultancy's policy that all recruiting, hiring, and promoting decisions for all job classifications shall be based solely on valid requirements, and all other personnel actions—such as compensation, benefits, transfers, separations, firm-sponsored training, tuition assistance, and social and recreational programs—will be administered in an impartial manner without regard to an individual's race, color, religion, disability, veteran status, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, age, or national origin.
  • What is the travel and lifestyle like for consultants at FGB Consultancy??
    Your travel and lifestyle will vary depending on your role and the client engagement you are working on at any given time. However, an average FGB consultant travels 40 percent of the time. Sometimes travel is heavily concentrated between Sunday and Thursday, and other times it is fairly infrequent. Some industries are very geographic in nature (for example, financials, banking, legal, marketing and sales, retails and industial), and if those industries and locations are part of your focus, you could travel less than the average consultant. Striking the right work life balance is important to sustaining a long-term consulting career, so our weekends are guarded and it is rare to work on the weekend unless you are traveling internationally.
  • What can I expect when starting with FGB Consultancy?
    Solid consulting skills are crucial for a successful career at FGB Consultancy. The focus for most of your first year is on building and rounding out the core consulting skills that will be important to your longer-term success as a consultant, such as skills in structured problem solving, client communications, influencing, or analytics. All FGB consultants begin in a formal training program that helps to introduce these core consulting skills before working on client engagements. Once you begin client work, the staffing process is focused primarily on what will be optimal for your development. While we usually try to place you on projects that leverage some aspect of your background, we will intentionally give you opportunities to solve problems you haven’t encountered before. We have found this to be valuable in building the general problem-solving skills that will make you successful at the firm over the long term. Your first year is always a time of tremendous growth and learning, which can sometimes be a difficult adjustment. We have both formal and informal processes to help support you, such as a training program designed exclusively for experienced professional hires where you can meet FGB people from all over the world.
  • What is it like joining FGB Consultancy as an experienced professional?
    The number of experienced professional hires at FGB Consultancy is growing, and we now have a rich community of professionals joining from many different industries and backgrounds. FGB’s clients value the diversity of knowledge and insight that our experienced consultants bring to engagements and it is quite common for our more experienced professionals to play a key-client-leadership role on teams.
  • As an experienced hire, what type of special training and development should I expect?"
    Training and development is a constant at FGB Consultancy across all tenure levels, from business analyst to director. All consultants attend regular programs tailored to accommodate their specific needs and background. For example, consultants hired with more than 3 years of work experience will attend FGB’s experienced hire workshop within your first 9 months. This dynamic workshop is designed to give you the opportunity to identify and develop techniques for integrating successfully in FGB Consultncy as an experienced hire. Our learning programs are broad ranging from specific knowledge building to public speaking and problem solving, as well as to personal communication and influencing skill building.
  • How are consultants assigned to projects?
    Consultants are staffed on one study at a time. Staffing assignments are made by considering clients’ needs and the kind of work, client interaction and experience the business analyst needs to continue improving his or her skills, in addition to other factors. As this suggests, there are many elements that go into each staffing decision. In your first year, while you are able to express project preferences, you typically do not choose your own projects. When available for staffing, you have the opportunity to review a list of confirmed engagements and discuss the pros and cons of a handful of these with your professional-development manager. Final staffing assignments are made by professional development with input from both teams and individual consultants.
  • How is a typical client team structured?
    The team is the center of FGB Consultancy life. You’ll find that teams are made up of a diverse mix of people from many different fields, trades and countries as well as educational and professional backgrounds. This diversity not only makes our work enjoyable but also enables us to bring a broad range of perspectives to solving our clients’ problem. As a new consultant, you will work closely with a small team of four or five people. Every member of the team is expected to make a significant contribution. From brainstorming sessions to client presentations, your team will look to you to participate actively by voicing your opinions, challenging findings, responding to client concerns, and presenting recommendations. Everyone, from the most junior consultant to the most tenured partner, has a voice and an obligation to use it.
  • What will my career path be like at FGB Consultancy?
    It all depends on your interests and goals. As a consultant, you have the potential to progress more quickly than you might in another field. Some people stay at FGB Consultancy and eventually become partners of the firm. Others stay at FGB Consultancy long enough to achieve personal goals, such as learning about particular industries or working in other states and countries. Still others benefit from the options FGB Consultancy provides to expand their skills and their network of contacts.
  • What opportunities for professional growth and development does FGB Consultancy offer?
    FGB Consultancy promotes consultants based on their potential, and there are no restrictions on the number of people we promote or elect to partner. Our mentorship model creates a culture in which every member of FGB Consultancy is invested in the success of others. You’ll be challenged to broaden your skill set and step into leadership positions. The environment can be intense, but you won’t compete with other consultants. You’ll push yourself to take on new responsibilities, understand new industries, help your colleagues, and work with top-caliber clients around the globe. You’ll also build knowledge in formal training programs and through mentoring relationships, you’ll learn from others’ experiences and apply what you’ve learned in client engagements.
  • Are there differences in progression and advancement for experienced professionals?
    For all our consultants, the role you play is purely contingent on your own abilities and aspirations, rather than your title or background. FGB Consultancy is a non-hierarchical organization and is organizationally flat. In this respect, FGB Consultancy operates as a true meritocracy, where consultants advanced when they are ready, based on their own abilities.
  • How do I apply for a position at FGB Consultancy?
    To apply for a position, please visit our Career tab in our site. Your background and experience will determine which role makes sense for you—consulting, research, design, digital, analytics, implementation, internal services—many are available to consider. Apply onlie or mail us your Resume at and in the Subject field write the position you are applying for.
  • What should I do if I need assistance in the application process?
    FGB Consultancy invites all interested and qualified candidates to apply for employment opportunities. If you are unable to use or access the site, or if you require any other accommodation in the application process due to any reason you may request a reasonable appointment with our recruiting team member. To make a request, please contact our recruiting team and we will be happy to assist you.
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