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These benefits could be the benefits provided by our client companies we send you for the interviews.


Since the employees are the greatest asset, we want to offer them a quality benefits package that helps them and their families stay healthy, enjoy time off, plan for their financial future. In some cases the benefits offered are voluntary plans that are paid by the employee.



The actual benefits could vary depending on location and/or position. Employees will receive a complete explanation of all benefits at the time of their enrollment in the companies and organizations.


Retirement Benefits


The retirement program could be offered by the company is a 401(k) program. The company has set up the plan for matching funds and/or possible lump sum distribution funds. The determination of these funds is established at the close of the fiscal year. This plan is a means to assist you in making financial and retirement plans for your future and is a convenient tool to make pre-tax contributions. This plan could vary from company to company as per their policies and rules.



Health Insurance Program


The Benefit Plan includes medical, dental, prescription card, and vision insurance. There could be base plans as well as  buy-up plans that is slightly richer in benefits. An employee is eligible to join the plan on the first day of the month following 30 days of employment. 


Also included is Health and Dependent care flexible spending accounts.


Disability Benefits (Long Term and Short Term)


This Plan is offered by some of the companies and eligible employees will be enrolled in the Long Term disability program that is paid by the company on the first day of the month following 30 days of employment. Short Term disability is a voluntary plan that employees can elect to join.


Life and Accident Insurance to provide for the future of your family members, eligible employees are enrolled in the group Basic Life and Accidental Death Insurance plan. However additional life and accidental insurance is available for nominal costs. The voluntary plan you join is portable and can move with you if you leave the company.


Flexible Work Schedules


We are aware that there needs to be an effective balance between your work and personal life. Where possible, offices offer alternative work schedules to accommodate the employees.


Paid Time Off


To give employees choices and flexibility in how they use their time away from work, the some companies offer various plans that include vacation and sick leave. As your time with the company increases, the amount of time available to you will also increase.




The Company observes the following holidays: Islamic Days, New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Eve (afternoon) and Christmas Day. For some offices, days that fall before or after a paid holiday are also observed (i.e., the Sunday before Easter or the day after Thanksgiving.) and as per the Labor Law of the Jurisdiction.


Voluntary Benefits


The following are benefits offered to the employee to purchase and are payroll deducted. 



Long Term Care


This program is for those employees who wish to plan on how they will be taken care of when they are unable to take care of themselves. When you are unable to perform two of the six basic activities of daily living, then it might be necessary to seek care at a long term care facility or seek professional home care. A certain amount will be paid each month (depending on the amount you elect). Benefits would not begin until after the first 90 days of care. There is also an option available that will cover 5% simple inflation. This program also allows enrollment of spouse, child, parents, and grandparents. This plan is portable. 


Critical Care Illness

This plan is available for all full time employees that are actively working at time of application. Critical Care is a supplement to your health insurance and your disability plan which helps employees pay any direct and indirect costs associated with critical illnesses or events.


We believe our own success comes from having the right people with the right talents. A wide variety of positions in various departments offer the opportunity to grow your career in a company that prides itself on its friendly, family oriented attitude.


Diversity and Ethics



This benefit could be a good one as the companies and their Business and its subsidiaries embrace an environment where the unique talents and perspectives of each associate are understood, valued and respected. Drawing upon employees' differences and viewpoints, they are able to develop better, more innovative services for existing and potential customers. Join a diverse company with people of all different backgrounds, experiences, cultures, styles, and talents. 




Some Companies’s commitment to the highest personal and corporate standards of business conduct. Good business ethics are part of the culture. They create and maintain goodwill with our customers and the government agencies that regulate them. Good business ethics also lead to better working relationships among associates and in the long run contribute to the bottom line. 


Each associate is expected to follow the Code in performing his or her duties for the Company, and all salaried associates, salaried non-exempt associates and other selected associates are required each year to complete a questionnaire confirming compliance with the Code.


Job Referral Program


The employees are the greatest resources. We realize each of you can be an excellent recruiter. The Employee Referral Program is an incentive to the current employees to recommend the people they know whom are the best and would bring great talent to our company. Some of our client companies offer this Job Referral Program as per their polices set for the plan


For Example: The incentive can be from $100 up to $300 (depending on position). The candidate you recommend must be hired and remain with the company you are working in for 90 days or 120 days. 


If you would like to refer an employee, you might have to provide Human Resources with the following information: 


  • Name of Referral

  • Contact Information of Referral

  • Potential Position for Referral


Then you can direct the applicant to either contact Human Resources directly or they can visit our website and proceed with uploading their application.



We will feel happy to get your details and bio-data


Mail us your CV at Human Resource Department 




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