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Agreement No: 301/10/19

FGB Consulting (“First Party") located at Office 15, Floor 22nd, Millennium Plaza Hotel, Sh. Zayed Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates and the (“Second Party”) details as below:


Whereas the (“Third Party A”) is the Fund Manager and (“Third Party B”) is the Online Forex Brokers

The Parties acknowledged their eligibility for contracting and agreed on the following:

Clause I

The First Party shall provide financial advice and manage the financial portfolio of the Second Party deposited in its account at Third Party B Online Forex Broker based in the United Arab Emirates.

Clause II

The First Party has the right to appoint any Third Party A (Fund Managers) to complete the required fund management duty for the fund management of the financial portfolio of the Second Party and the relationship between the First and the Third Party A without the intervention of the Second Party and the Third Party's (Fund Managers) full dependence on the First Party where the latter on behalf of the Second Party in physical dealings and in full supervision of what is Its works.


Clause III

The Second Party shall be obliged to pay, in return for the First Party, a fee of 50% of the value of the monthly profits realized and generated in the account of the Second Party with the Third Party Online Broker

Clause IV

The Second Party will pay AED 5000 (only AED 5,000) once the contract is signed as administrative expenses for consulting in addition to the Systems, Robots, HFT Systems or Money Making Machine for the fund management of the Second Party's portfolio.


Clause V

The Second Party shall pay the fees agreed upon in the clause III every first month starting from the month following the date of this contract. In case of non-compliance with the specified date, the First Party shall stop managing the Second Party's portfolio and shall not be liable for any damages to the Second Party as a result of the latter's failure to pay the fees agreed.


Clause VI

The Second Party shall not hand over any amount/deposit to the First Party, where the amount to be invested shall be deposited with his personal knowledge in the account opened in his/her name , and all the deposits and withdrawals will be done as per the policies and channel given by the Third Party B online forex brokers.

Clause VII

The First Party is committed to exerting the required care in managing the Second Party's financial portfolio to achieve monthly profits at an average rate of 8% to 25% over the year.

Clause VIII

The Second Party agrees to assume the risk of portfolio management within 25% of the portfolio's capital. The risk during the second month of the investment shall be transferred from capital to profits only as the risk to realized profits becomes only the amount invested.

Clause IX

In the event that the Second Party wishes to withdraw or transfer its entire balance from its account, it shall notify the First Party at least seven working days in advance so that the First Party may close open operations in the interest of the Second Party.

Clause X

The First Party is obliged to observe full confidentiality in the transactions of the Second Party and not to disclose any information or disclose the nature of any documents belonging to the Second Party.

Clause XI

In the event that the Second Party fails to pay the fees of the first party on time, the Second Party waives the First Party under this contract for a material amount equivalent to the value of the fees and has the right of priority and privilege and the First Party may receive this right from any source owned by the Second Party.

Clause XII

Any dispute arising regarding this contract in execution or interpretation shall be resorted to arbitration.




FGB Consultancy

Legal Department

Office 15, Floor 22nd

Millennium Plaza Hotel

Sh. Zayed Road, Dubai

United Arab Emirates

Contact No. +971 4 205 3333

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